Wednesday, 15 June 2011

2.00 pm 15th June - 10 hours to go !!!!!!

The end of the bass ban is finally in sight - it seems to have been a long month!!

I am just back from digging lug over low tide. The worms have been fattening up over the last month, I dug for about an hour and probably got close to 150, most of them big and fat, plenty in the 6-9 inch range and a few up to 12 inches.

I will be heading out at about 11 pm tonight, get to the beach, set up and make the first cast on the stroke of midnight. Conditions should be good for bait fishing, while I was digging the lug there was a strong steady southwesterly wind which should blow up a nice surf. I will probably fish all the way up to high tide at 6.20 am. I was intending to spend about 4 hours bait fishing and then move to a rock mark for a dawn lure session but I think the strong winds will probably have resulted in highly coloured water. But if the wind dies down during the night I might still do that. I would prefer to lure fish in the morning but I will use which ever method, bait or lure, that is likely to produce the best result.

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  1. Best of luck, not long to go now! Conditions look good for a bait session :)