Monday, 30 April 2012

A few small bass - 27th April 2012

The weather was not too bad on Friday afternoon so I finished work a little early, went to a local estuary to dig some rag worm, then headed to the coast with some nice big king rag and a couple of packs of razor. There was a nice surf, but mounds of kelp on the beach. Fortunately the weed ended just before my favourite mark. However, there was a cold northeasterly wind blowing across the beach which did not bode well for fishing. I set up two rods, one with a 4/0 pennel pulley baited with rag, the other with a 3/0 two hook flapper with rag and razor, and was fishing by 6.45 pm

Shortly after setting up I had the first bass, a 41 cm fish taken on the pennel pulley. Then I realized I had forgotten my camera. I took it out of my tackle bag intending to charge the batteries, but forgot to put it back.

It was quite for a long time after that, but maybe an hour after the first fish I had a second bass, this was smaller, about 38 cm. It was taken on razor on the two hook flapper.

There was another long period of inactivity and it was after dark before I had another bite. This was an even smaller bass of barely 36 cm. It was taken on the pennel pulley baited with rag. I packed up shortly after that. It was a poor enough session considering how well this beach was fishing in March.

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