Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fishing in May

Unfortunately I did not get to do much fishing over the last two weeks. I had one bait session at the beginning of the month. It started out well with a 25 cm turbot on the first cast followed shortly by a 47 cm bass as the tide began to push in. But then the fishing got slack, over the next few hours I had three small flounder, a couple of coalfish and a dogfish.

I was very busy with work after that and got to do very little fishing. I had a fruitless lure session on Saturday 5th May and twice bumped into the guys from Absolute Fishing with Henry Gilbey in tow.

Apart from that I had a couple of short evening lure sessions last week but there was no sign of any bass, although there was plenty of weed about.

I would normally have done a lot of fishing leading up to the bass ban on the 15th, but unfortunately I also had a report deadline to achieve on the 15th too which severely limited the amount of time I could devote to fishing.


  1. can u tel me a good spot for bass around wexford.. l havent had much luck and i am startn to lose heart..

  2. i see u dont answer any of ur comments... to big for ur own boots....

  3. I have been on holidays for the last two weeks, just back today.
    I can't help you with fishing in Wexford. I have never fished there, East Cork and West Waterford are my fishing ground.

    But don't expect any tips for those areas after your last comment!!!

  4. tips????? u fool