Thursday, 9 August 2012

The last few weeks

It has been a few weeks since I last updated the blog. Poor fishing was part of the reason for the inactivity but the main reason for the lack of updates was that my father passed away after a short illness. So I didn't feel much like going fishing never mind adding to the blog.

The best fish over the last couple of weeks was a fine chunky bass of 61 cm caught on 26th July. It weighted just under 6 lb, so was well over weight for its size. So while bass have been very scarce along the south coast over the last two months this one was feeding well where ever it was.

I got the fish out of a deepish pool flanked by shallower water to the east and west. A guy was fishing much the same spot before me but moved on without catching anything. I was working my way along the shore and eventually reached the same mark close to dusk. I tried a few hard body lures and several soft plastics before putting on a weighted Xlayer aiming to fish deep into the hole I knew to be there. On about the second or third cast the bass snatched the lure and put up a very strong fight. As there was a steep rock face to my right I had to turn the fish and guide it  to the left but it was not keen on obliging. After a few minutes I eventually turned it and coaxed it onto the rock platform where I was standing.

Earlier I lost a good bass on a waveworm. I was fishing into a narrow but deep gully and just as I was about to lift the lure out of the water a bass grabbed it and dived snapping the flurocarbon leader just above the clip knot.

I had a few other sessions but just had a few pollock ranging in size from less than a pound to three pounds and a solitary mackeral that must have strayed from his shoal. But at least the pollock are now beginning to show up, a few weeks ago even the pollock were absent.

Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up to close to normal summer temperatures I am hopeful that the fishing will also improve and maybe bass will move close to our shores again.

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