Monday, 9 May 2011

Blown out - 7th & 8th May 2011

Due to the windy weather over the weekend I decided to fish some more sheltered marks using peeler crab as bait. On Saturday I headed to a sheltered area in Cork Harbour just after low tide. I was hopeful that I might get a bass with the incoming tide. But all I had was a small red codling. Something bigger had a bite on its tail. As the tidal flow increased I began to snag large clumps of kelp and lost about 4 rigs.

On Sunday I headed westwards. I planned to fish at the mouth of a small estuary. There was a huge surf rolling in on the beach and an extremely strong steady southerly wind blowing.

I was relatively sheltered but there was still a strong enough wind funneling around the corner of the headland. There was a lot of fine "lettuce" weed which made fishing difficult. I just used one rod and held it high to stop the weed building up on the line. Fished there for a few hours without a bite. Eventually I gave up and packed up early at about 6.30 pm.

The wind is supposed to ease off later in the week so hopefully there will be an opportunity to get a few bass before the 15th.


  1. Looks like a big sea pushing in there Frank.

    Put the rods away and get out the surf board by the look of it!

    Im praying the sea will settle fairly quickly once it swings westerly. Iv booked Thursday and Friday off work so fingers crossed!


  2. Even the surfers were not out. There are usually a lot of them on that beach but I saw only one and he didn't last too long.

    The wind is easing off but the water clarity may be still too cloudy for good lure fishing, I was out last night on a local beach and the water was the colour of milk chocolate.

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