Friday, 6 May 2011

Weeded out - 5th May 2011

The windy weather has put lure fishing on hold for the moment. I headed out for a bait session last night, hoping to find a clear patch on a local beach. I got to the mark before dusk so that I could check if out for weed. There was a mound of kelp at the western end, but the center of the beach seem clean. At first it was OK, just a few strands collecting on the shock leader knots, but as the tide dropped it became unfishable. Clumps of the fine lettuce weed collected on the lines. I spent longer cleaning it off than I did fishing. In the end I had to admit defeat and headed home early.

There is only 8 days left to add to the annual bass tally before the closed season, so tomorrow I will have a change of tactics. I have ordered 2 dozen peeler crabs and will stay away from the beaches. There are a few marks in Cork Harbour which may be fishable.

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