Friday, 19 August 2011

More night time lure fishing - 16th August

I headed to a local mark after dinner, got there just after high tide at about 8.45 pm. I had a few casts across an area of shallow rocks that was now flooded by the tide. There was no sign of any activity. I made my way along the shore to an area of flatter rocks where the water was deeper and began fishing. I had a few casts with an Xlayer, fired out a Patchinko and then switched to a Feed Shallow. On about the thrid cast a bass struck the lure only about 6 m out, it lept into the air and did a brief tailwalk before crashing back into the water. The fish was pulling hard and stripped some line before I had it under control and gradually coaxed it into a shallow gulley where I could lift it out. It was a stocky 53 cm bass, weighing just under 4 lb.

I continued fishing in the darkness and worked my way along the shore and then back. But there were no more bites. I hadn't been that hopeful since the tide was now dropping fast but decided to try it on the ebb as I always fish this section of coastline on a rising tide, looks like I will be sticking to fishing it on the rise. Since it didn't look too promising I packed up before Midnight, but at least I did get one bass. 

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  1. I find the best bass fishing comes at night, puts all your senses to the test especialy working lures like the xlayers. cracking blog by the way