Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Saturday evening bass - 6th August 2011

I had to catch up on work at the weekend so didn't get out fishing until Saturday evening. I got to the rocks just as the tide was beginning to push in. As there were lots of very shallow rocks I could only fish with weedless soft plastics and surface lures. I started off with a Patchinko and on about the fifth cast the lure was struck by a strong bass about 20 m out just as I slowed the retrieve down to a stop. It gave a good fight, turned and stripped some line when I got it close to the shore. After a few minutes I got it back in and onto the rocks. It was a 52 cm bass with a weight of about 3.25 lbs.

Shortly after there was a large splash about 15 m out in front of me. I cast various lures across the spot but could not tempt the fish and was soon forced back by the tide.

I worked my way along the shore but there was no more interest and no sign of any fish activity apart from a few crusing mullet. 

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