Friday, 30 September 2011

The cod are back! - 27th September 2011

My finger is slowly healing so by Tuesday I was ready to have a trial session. I headed to a local beach and fished the last hour of the ebb and first three hours of the rising tide. There was a good surf and it was weed free. It was the darkest night I have ever fished. A new moon coupled with a dense mist blocked out all light. I usually turn off my headlamp when wading out to cast but without the lamp I couldn't see a thing not even the white foam on the shore. So I had to keep the lamp on.

From the first cast I was into codling, I caught about 10, most were small around 1-1.5 lb, but the last fish was bigger with a weight of close to 3 lb. I also had a decent size Painted Ray (about 5-6 lbs), a 30 cm flounder, a coalfish and a dogfish, but no bass!!!! All fish were taken on crab on 4/0 pennel pulleys.

I will post up some photos later.


  1. Sounds great - i know there was no bass but you can't complain too much :P Wish i could produce a bag like that whenever i go out. Cod is one species which i am going to try and target after i get my last bit of bassing done. Great job and will look forward to seeing the pictures.

    Check out my blog - and maybe get talking!

  2. Do the cod come in as close as the bass, or would you need to cast out further ?

  3. nice one on the ray, ive tried for them many a night this summer but they have so far eluded me. i was out the same night, probably not too far away and got pushed off by weed.

  4. The cod were in quite close. I am not great at distance casting and was not interested in firing baits out to the horizon as I was targeting bass. Most of the cod were taken 50-60 m from the shore, a few would have been only about 40 m out.

    Hi Denis, fortunately where I was fishing was weed free, it was not a mark I usually fish as I reckoned my usual spot on that beach would be very weedy.