Monday, 19 September 2011

Out of action - 19th September 2011

As if the the recent bad weather was not enough to reduce my fishing time I somehow managed to inflict a deep gash across my forefinger with a brand new ultra sharp kitchen knife on Friday night. I probably needed stitches but the thought of facing a busy accident and emergency ward full of Friday night drunks was more than I could take. I stopped the bleeding by wrapping a huge wad of tissue around it. It is healing now but I reckon I will be lucky if I can get out by next weekend.

I had great plans for the weekend and bought 2 dozen crabs on Friday evening from my crab dealer. I was intending on having a beach session on Saturday, fishing from low tide at 3.00 pm up to high tide and then half way down the ebb. As northwesterly winds were forecast for Sunday I was planning a lure session at a mark that has fished well recently. If the water had been too coloured for successful lure fishing I was going to bait fish with crab. So much for well laid plans!!!!


  1. Dunno, think I would have taken my chances with the drunks, when you cut your finger like that. Isin't high tide around 3.00pm this Saturday, and not low ?

  2. I was refering to last weekend - Low tide at 3.08 pm Saturday 17th. May not get out this coming weekend. If it was going to be calm I would probably try a short lure session but strong southerly winds are forecast so it would have to be bait fishing. My finger is healing OK but I don't was to stress it too much and reopen the wound.

  3. Hope the finger heals up ok and you can go back to giving us great reports.