Friday, 15 June 2012

12 hours to go !!!! - 15th June 2012

Less than 12 hours to go until the end of the bass closed season!!!

Unfortunately the south coast has been battered by strong winds and heavy rain for the last two days so it looks like it will be back to bait fishing. It's probably fairly pointless trying to lure fish for a few days until the sea calms down and the water clears.

Last year at the end of the bass ban I headed out and was ready to make my first cast on the stroke of Midnight but I think I will wait until Saturday morning this year. Dig some lug at low tide and then head to a favourite beach that can fish well in daylight and hope that it is not covered with seaweed.

P.S. At lunch time I took a quick drive down to the coast. There is a massive surf rolling in, with white water extending out 100 m from the shore and chocolate brown coloured water stretching way out to sea. I hope it calms down a bit by tomorrow, even bait fishing in those conditions would be challenging!!!  

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