Thursday, 28 June 2012

Eventually a bass on lure - 24th June 2012

I have had several lure fishing sessions without a bite since the end of the bass closed season. The conditions were not ideal with highly coloured water and lots of fine seaweed. On Sunday I headed to a sheltered bay where I thought the water may have had a chance to clear. As I made my way down to the shore I could see that the water was still quite murky and the sea was rougher than I expected.

As I was walking along the shore, heading towards a mark that can fish well early on the rising tide, I spotted a splash about 40 m out in a broad embayment which I seldom fish. I immediately stopped, put a lure on and cast in the direction of the disturbance. I tried several lures but it was only when I put on an Asturie that I got a reaction; a bulge of water rose up behind the lure and a fish made a grab for it but wasn't hooked. Unfortunately I could not tempt it again. I changed lures several times but it was no longer interested.

After about half an hour I made my way further down the shore. I tried a range of hard and soft plastic lures to no avail. The water was quite cloudy and most casts snagged a little weed. I worked my way along a series of small bays and promontories without a hint of a fish. Eventually I decided to move back to the first mark as that was the only place that showed any sign of fish activity.

At first I tried fishing off a rock promontory. Then move back to fish across the corner of the bay. I put on the Asturie which was the only lure that the fish had shown any interest in previously. First cast the lure was grabbed by a bass about 30 m out. It put up a strong struggle until I eventually coaxed it in and across the shallow rocks at my feet. It was a 52 cm bass.

While not a big fish I was delighted with that, my first bass on a lure this year. It was a slow start this year compared to last year when I had plenty of lure caught bass in April. But hopefully if the weather calms down and the water gets a chance to clear the fishing will significantly improve next month.

I fished on for a little longer into dusk but there was no sign of any more fish activity, so I packed up just as the light was beginning to fade in order to get off the rocks before it got totally dark.


  1. Nice start Frank. There is little sign of change in wind or water quality up here,it still looks like dirty tea made with a broken bag. I hope things may be a little better for you

  2. Thanks Neil,
    The water is finally beginning to clear - weather forecast for the weekend and next week is for calm weather so maybe finally the fishing will improve!!!