Sunday, 8 September 2013

July- August 2013

I haven't put up a post for some time, partly because I was very busy with work and partly because there was not much to report.

Summer 2013 proved to be by far my worst year for fishing. Bass remained elusive and even pollock were scarce. I discovered a new deep water mark which produced some nice pollock up to 5 lbs.

But regular marks which used to have abundant pollock were fairly lifeless during the summer. On previous years pollock used to be a pest at some bass marks close to dusk, snatching the lures on every cast but this summer they were strangely absent.

The weather this summer was the best we had in a long time, it should have been perfect bass fishing conditions but bass just seemed to be absent. I had a few on bait early in the summer and a 5lb bass on a toby spoon while fishing for pollock but for some reason the bass were reluctant to take lures or else were not present. Last year was tough due to the almost constant rain and wind but whenever there was a break in the weather I managed to get a few bass, but this year the fishing was far tougher.

I had a few Ballen Wrasse on lures too from the new deep water mark. One evening close to dusk after getting a few pollock in the 2-3 lbs range I spotted a stockier fish with a broad tail following a lure - it looked like a wrasse.  So I switched to a smaller soft plastic and after a couple of casts landed a beautifully coloured green ballen wrasse of about 2 lbs followed a little later by another brown coloured wrasse taken on a Xlayer.

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