Monday, 4 April 2011

A few nice bass - 27th March

I headed to a beach mark directly after digging a load of lug on the last hour of the ebb. I got to the mark just as the tide was starting to push in. There was a better surf there than I expected so I was hopeful of getting a few fish despite the slack tides. I set up three rods, one with lug/razor, another baited with just lug on 4/0 pennel pulleys. I set up the third rod with a two hook flapper and cast in short into a bit of a gulley. It was quite until after dark, then just after the light went I had the first bite. It felt to be a strong heavy fish but I lost it two thirds of the way in.

About 20 minutes later I spotted a gentle twitch on the same rod (the one baited with lug), I picked it up and could feel some slight tugs, I released the lock on the reel and waited until the fish started to run with the bait, locked the reel and struck. This felt to be a good fish and after a strong fight I landed a 54 cm Bass.

This was followed by a 38 cm flounder and then a smaller 26 cm flounder. After that my lug baits were been constantly robbed. I would see subtle twitches on the rod tip but the fish were seldom hooked. I reckon there was a load of small flounder pulling away at the worms.

About an hour after the first Bass I had a strong tug on the rod in close. It ran a slackliner to the left but I quickly caught up with it. The fish was fighting strongly and I could see it splashing about it the shallows. After a few minutes I landed a 56 cm Bass.

I had a couple more small flounder after that (24 and 26 cm) followed by a small Bass at 38 cm, again all fish were taken on lug. The bites then died down, apart from the little bait robbing flounders. The last fish was a small codling this time on the rod baited with lug/razor cocktail.

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