Friday, 8 April 2011

Lure fishing at the weekend

I reckon there should be a chance of a few bass on the lure this weekend. There are reports of nice bass on the lure in Waterford and Wexford so the Cork fish should be taking them too!!

I will probably try a few East Cork marks on Saturday and maybe venture further afield on Sunday (West Waterford or West Cork).

Last year I picked up a bunch of nice lures at Absolute Fishing's open day which I never got to try out so this will be the chance and of course I will be dusting off the cobwebs from the old reliables such as the Xlayers, Patchinko, Feed Shallow, Tide Minnow and not forgetting the Asturie 110, a very under rated lure in my opinion. I have had more bass on the Asturie than any other hard bodied lure.


  1. Frank it seems to work well in deeper water for me.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Actually when I think about it most of the bass I had on the Asturie were in a small embayment and gully with relatively deep water compared to the adjacent coast.