Monday, 18 April 2011

Fine bass on a SP - 16th April 2011

As the conditions were calm with light northwesterly winds it looked good for lure fishing. I headed to the mark where I caught a good bass last week, getting there just as the tide was starting to push in. I started with a Feed Shallow but I was casting across a shallow reef with strands of weed and was getting snagged. After about 4 casts I changed to the soft plastics. I put on a Texas rigged Slug Go and on the second or third cast I was hit by a powerful fish. It was pulling strongly and stripping a little line. I was worried that it would come off as I tried to get it across the shallow reef and waited until a bigger wave rolled in, then surfed it over the rocks. It continued to fight very strongly, twisting and splashing about in a shallow gulley and eventually I eased it on to the rocks. It was a fine 69 cm bass, weighing just over 6.25 lb.

I continued fishing in the same area until the tide pushed me back. Moved along the coast and fishing into several small embayments but I could tempt no more fish. But I was happy enough with the one fish I did get.

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