Monday, 4 April 2011

Lure fishing - 26th March

I tried some lure fishing from a reliable summer time mark, but nothing to report. A couple of small fish lept out of the water about 20 m in front of me as if a predator was chasing them but whatever it was I could not interest it any of my lures/soft plastics. I had a spare spinning rod with me and baited it with limpet on a 1/0 hook and dropped it into a gulley in close. I had a good bite on this but the fish went to ground by the time I got to the rod. I could not dislodge it and left it for about 15 minutes. When I picked up the rod again the line had come free but the fish had shook the hook. It’s probably still too early to expect much for the lures in this part of the country.

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