Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mullet on a lure - 19th April 2011

As it was a nice sunny evening I headed out for some lure fishing. I went to the same area where I caught three bass on Sunday. I got there about 7.00 pm. I was working my way around a small bay and then spotted a shoal of fish breaching the surface in front of a mass of rotting seaweed at the back of the bay. I wasn't sure if they were mullet or bass but fired out some lures over them just in case. I did feel a few tugs but nothing made a serious attempt to take any of the lures so I realized that they must be mullet.

I moved further around the bay and fished into a few gulleys and off several promontories. But nothing was biting. As the light was beginning to fade I began to move back. I had a few casts off a promontory. The mullet were starting to move back out of the bay at this stage with the dropping tide and I was casting over them. I was frequently changing lures and put on a white Asturie. I had a couple of casts with it and suddenly hooked a fish. At first I presumed it was a bass, it was giving a typical bass fight, but when I had it in very close I realized it was a mullet. I gradually eased it into a narrow gulley, reached down and grabbed it. My first ever Irish Mullet and hooked on a surface lure too!!! It weighed just over 3 lb. It was hooked on the outside corner of the mouth so it looked like the fish made a grab at the lure rather than being foul hooked.

At least now I had confirmation that the shoal of fish were definitely mullet. I moved back to the other side of the bay and had a few more casts but still no bass. The light was almost gone at this stage so I packed up and headed off the rocks before it was dark.


  1. Hi Frank,
    That 63cm fish you had last night was a good fish. I've added your blog to our blog list. Could you reciprocate as we're trying to promote angling tourism in the area as much as possible.

  2. Hi Pat,
    Thanks again for sharing the crabs,
    I have added the Cobh blogs to my list,